In house business

McKinley Innovation Co., Ltd is moving toward the world with its our technology and corporate brand.


EGS System (Engineered Geothermal System) engineering

Infinite thermal energy inside the earth, low greenhouse gas emissions and unlike other energy such as solar and wind, energy that can continuously supply energy without being influenced by climate or geographical conditions.


Our Nitrile gloves meet industry expectations, comply with FDA guidelines, and protect individuals from harsh chemicals and viruses. We use a special blend that allows us to provide maximum protection at competitive pricing. As Nitrile gloves become more prevalent in the marketplace, we continue to produce different variations to fulfill the growing demand.

Own brand : Shield Guard

Special security camera

  • Price competitiveness by Made in Korea of SWIR/MWIR/LWIR Thermal camera.

  • Surveillance system for Large drone, UAV and Drone detection system business.

  • Machine vision business through localization of SWIR thermal camera