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Special security camera
(R&D and Produces Civilian, military, and special industries)

Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera


It is called a variety of names such as Infrared thermal imaging camera, Thermal imaging camera, Thermal camera and forward looking infrared device. It detect infrared light rather than visible light, it can detect the position and movement of people and object even at dark night when there is no light at all, and it can detect situation where they are not seen or fog or smoke. All living thing or object on earth have radiation released in infrared format, depending on their unique temperature. Thermal imaging camera or equipment is an electronic optical device that detect the energy in the infrared area emitted by human, object and convert it into visible images.

SWIR (0.5 ~ 1.7µ) Infrared thermal imaging camera


▫Application : 
Defense, Anti-fog surveillance system, Very clear day time image under the sea, fog and smoke. 
Machine vision system, Food industries. 
Inspection the semi-conductor, PCB, Food/Solar inspection. 
▫End-user : 
Military, Government, Manufacturer of  Semi-Conduct/Solar cell, Food supplier, Medical instrument, etc.

Ship-board Gyro stabilized Multi-sensor Surveillance System


Application, End-user

- Navy vessel, Patrol vessel or boat, Yacht, Pilot boat, other boat, vessel.

- Navy, Coast guard, Customs office, Government, ship owner.

System feature

- Korea's first domestic Gyro-stabilized Gimbal Surveillance System has been localized, the price is 20% lower than FLIR system, and the quality is assessed to be similar in the global market.

Explosion-Proof & Weather-proof CCTV system


- Certified Ex d IIC T6 Gb / Ex tb IIIC T85˚C Db vExplosion-Proof & Weather-proof CCTV 
- Material:SUS316L Stainless steel 
- Ingress Protection:IP67 
- Weight:≤25kg 
- Rotation range: Pan 0~360° 
- Tilt range ±45° 
- Speed: Pan - 60/ sec, Tilt- 30°/sec 
- Full HD (1080P) IP Network camera 
- 1/2.8” Full HD CMOS sensor with zoom lens vONVIF(ver2.42), SDK, API 
- Electrical 220VAC, 6.5A 
▫Application : Oil & Gas, Marine & all industries

Telecommunication System Integration (EPC)

PAGA Systems 
• PABX, Telephone System 
• Intercom / Talkback Systems • LAN Systems 
• Satellite Communications 
• TV Entertainment Systems 
• Radio Equipment 
• Marine Navigation Systems 
• Audio / Visual (Ex-Proof) 
• Meteorological System 
• Navigation Light & Signal 
• Searching Equipment 
• Telecom Management System

• CCTV & Monitoring system 
• Identification the Vehicle number plate • Vehicle control system 
• Vehicle Inspection System 
• Access Control System 
• Speed Gate System 
• Fence Intruder Detection System 
• Perimeter Detection System 
• Security & Surveillance System 

Oil & Gas Plant, Power Plant, Industrial Plant, Offshore Plant


Total Security System for Plant

The detects various 
accidents and hazards that may occur in the facility 
and ensures immediate response 
to the situation. Fire and oil leakage 
accidents can be prevented through integrated video monitoring system.


Total Security System for Pipeline Monitoring System


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